With passion and dedication, every morning, the cheese maker ensures that all animals enjoy excellent health.

mungitura dietro le quinte




Milk has always been considered a nutritious and complete foodstuff. As well as being rich in calcium, it also provides us with vitamin D (fundamental for the formation of teeth and bones), vitamins A and B, and also contains all the amino acids we need to stay in good health.


We have been producing cow’s milk and goat’s milk on our farm since 1948, milking our animals at 6.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. every day.

Every morning, the dairyman ensures that the animals are in the best of health so that they give the best quality milk we need to produce our genuine food products.

First and foremost, it is essential to check that the stalls and milking equipment are sufficiently clean. At this point, the animals’ udders are cleaned using a special detergent.

Then, the teat cups are placed on the animals for milking. Our dedicated machine, which we created ourselves, is able to milk ten cows and numerous goats simultaneously. Everything is monitored by our attentive and considerate staff to ensure there are no dangers or complications. The milk flows from the teat cups through transparent tubing into a refrigerated tank; the following day, our cheesemaker will draw it off to make our artisan cheeses and gelato ice creams.

At L’Agricola you can watch this whole wonderful process through large panes of glass which provide a complete view of the milking room, as we have nothing to hide!

Watching the milking process is the perfect chance to spend the morning doing something different and taste some of our products at the café, in our gelato ice cream parlour or restaurant, or else purchase them to take away in our shop.